Wies dich auch aufzuhorchen treibt ... [zufall021]

Performers of improvised music like jazz usually prefer to create their music on the spot. But does it really come ‘out of nowhere’? Is it unmistakenly instant composing or just recycling an odd collection of tunes? The question remains, but does the answer really matter? Incorrect re-created musical debris, the skeleton of other folk’s music or a half forgotten melody arranged to personal preferences, better known as ‘composition’. It’s all there to entertain performers and audiences alike. So: let the good times roll!

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Konzept: Hanns Ahring
Sopran/Alt-Saxophon: Jean Quist
Tasten: Bram Stoeken
Bass: Jan Bol
Schlagzeug: Erik Beek

Artwork: Maren Schram

  1. Das Dunkel
  2. Das Rätsel
  3. Die Frage Bleibt